8 Reasons to invest in an e-portfolio

by Beth Anderson | Sep 18, 2018

8 ways using an e-portfolio can benefit you – whether you’re the learner, assessor, employer or training provider!

1 Reduce Costs

E-portfolios eliminate unnecessary spending for Assessors, who can avoid travelling up and down the country and claiming travel expenses, by meeting with their learners virtually. They also cut down on printing, storage and paper costs.

2 Save Time

Similar to point 1, assessors save time as well as costs by meeting their learners online – no more long car journeys stuck on the motorway, travelling up and down the country.

Another great time saver for users is everything is in one place, they don’t have to hunt for pieces of paperwork or wait for accurate information from learners, everything is there in real time.

3 Secure Data

E-portfolios are cloud based, which means you never have to worry about data getting lost or in the wrong hands.

4 Say goodbye to ‘the dog ate my assignment’

There’s no paper! Which means learners can’t give you the excuse that they’ve lost their work or that they couldn’t print it. Everything is uploaded and tracked using the online system.

It’s also great for Assessors who no longer need a boot full of paper portfolios that they drag with them everywhere.

5 Track Progress

Both assessors and learners can track progress. Learners can see how far into their apprenticeship they are, how long is left and how much work they’ve still got to do, Assessors can then see the same and keep track of when – or if, their learner is behind and if they need to step in.

6 Easy Access

E-portfolios can be accessed anytime, anywhere – all you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and you’re good to go, whether you have an internet connection or not.

7 Planning Made Easy

Tutors and Assessors can plan with easy templates and sessions pre-loaded into the system. Or for particular learning aims or challenges with specific learners, tutors can identify these gaps and plan accordingly using the system.

8 The Complete Learner Journey

E-portfolios often integrate with other systems using single sign-on logins, which is perfect if your learner needs to do additional assessments or link to their end point assessment.

Convinced yet an e-portfolio is the way to go? Don't worry, Smart Assessor has you covered.

Smart Assessor has an integrated feature designed to save you time and money! Smart Rooms allow users to create a virtual classroom for participants to share content, ask questions, meet with their assessors and record the session to refer back to later or upload as evidence. We're GDPR compliant and accredited with ISO 27001 and 9001 so you know your data is in good hands. Smart Assessor also features electronic signatures and additional tick boxes for extra verification from users.

Do you have learners that are often without a stable internet connection? With our app you don’t even need Wi-Fi, use your portfolio offline as normal then simply sync your work to upload. Perfect if you’re on a construction site or in the middle of a field on a building or agricultural apprenticeship! 

Smart Apprentices provides not only Smart Assessor, the e-portfolio system but a VLE system for initial assessments and functional skills plus an EPA for EPAOs to complete their end point assessments. Smart apprentices - we're got you covered.

You can view our digital learner journey here.