Why bother with a VLE?

by Beth Anderson | Nov 27, 2017 | Apprentices

A Virtual Learning Environment or VLE for short, is nothing new with many schools, colleges or training providers, using the likes of ForSkills or BKSB to build learner’s knowledge, upload resources or create and complete assessments.

But why bother with a VLE?


Smart VLE allow students to access resources from wherever, whenever. The virtual classroom can be logged into from home or during learning hours, with the ability to find and share any useful documents or resources they might need. We’ve created a seamless integration between our VLE software, Smart VLE and our flagship e-portfolio software, Smart Assessor, to make it even easier for our learners and assessors to access these resources anytime.  

Smart VLE is preloaded with plenty of resources to help your learners and save you time finding or creating your own. These resources are a great way to plug any gaps that learners may have, including speaking, listening and communication resources.

Time Saving

If you’re an Assessor, how long would it take you to collect assessments in and then go through and mark each one individually? SmartVLE marks the assessment as the learner goes along, generating a score almost instantly once finished. This is great news for the learner who knows where they exceed or struggle without hesitation.

The questions are built intuitively, meaning learners only answer the questions they need to. Starting off at a lower level and then progressing to more difficult levelled questions. If a learner is flying through the easy stuff, the questions will automatically skip to a more suited level. No wasting time on working through assessments that are too easy or difficult to each person’s needs.

Content Creation

Similar to resources, our VLE has questions already in the system that can be used by assessors for their learners, alternatively, users can create their own custom questions tailored to each apprenticeship programme.

Got a hairdressing apprentice who isn’t so good at Maths? Relate the questions to their job role to give the learner a better understanding, for example ‘Sarah needs X amount of each dye and X amount of bleach to create X colour, what is the ratio of hair dye to bleach?’. You can also edit questions already in the question bank to save yourself time!

The best part of Smart VLE’s content creation side is that you can create various question types, including Yes/No, Fill in the blanks, True/False, Multiple choice and more. Keep your learners engaged with various question types and lengths.

Want to know more?

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