Why do an apprenticeship?

by Beth Anderson | Aug 10, 2017

If you have recently left school, college or university and are currently enjoying your ‘summer’ – if you can call it that in Britain, you’ve probably spent most of your time searching and applying for countless jobs.

If you’re worried about the rising costs of university and the debt that comes with it, you may decide this route just isn’t for you – or maybe you just don’t want to study full time for a further three years. An Ipsos Mori poll found that 74% of 11-16-year-old respondents believed they would go on to university down from a high of 81% in 2013 and 77% in 2016*.

Apprenticeships offer a great opportunity for workers to earn whilst they learn, often attending college or university once a week and spending the rest of the working week in a real workplace, receiving on the job training.

Apprenticeships are also great for school or college leavers that want to upskill their core competencies but aren’t so great at learning in a classroom environment. Not everyone finds it easy to focus and learn easily, surrounded by other students and pressured by countless deadlines or exams, apprenticeships are a great alternative to this. Whilst you’ll still be attending classes to learn basics, most of your learning takes place with your employer, allowing you to put into practice what you learn straight away directly in the industry.

Work experience is invaluable to anyone who is seeking a job, with many universities now making it mandatory as part of their course. Which person are employers more likely to favour in job applications – a university student with little or no work experience or the apprentice who’s spent a year or more in employment?

So where do you start to find an apprenticeship? There is plenty of help that can be found online, the government website for example is a great place to start to find out more about apprenticeships – what they are, what you can earn and the different choices on offer.


Once you know more about apprenticeships in general, you can start to think how these relate to your skills, interests and what you might want to spend your working life doing. Then it’s time to apply!

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Not a CV is a great way to showcase yourself in a fun and innovative way to searching employers who want apprentices. How boring do you find writing a CV? Do you know the best way to layout the document, what to include and how to tailor it to each job you want? Probably not – don’t worry, most don’t. Not.A.CV is a personal web page which show cases your skills and competencies that you can use when applying for apprenticeships, graduate programmes or full time work.

You can register for free with your email address either on the desktop version or via the app, it only takes a few seconds! If you’re on your phone you will instantly receive a verification code via text, pop this into the app and get creating straight away, alternatively, if you’re using the desktop version check your email for a verification link.

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/notacv/id1198971491?mt=8 – Apple

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartassessor.dcv – Android

Not a CV allows you to complete your CV in segments – meaning you can go back and edit sections at any time and you don’t have to complete it all in one go. Fill in your personal details, core competencies, work experience, qualifications, personal statement and personal interests to complete your profile and mark yourself as ‘looking for work’ to ensure you appear in the search hub accessed by employers.

A unique feature on Not a CV is the video profile option where you can upload a 30-second video profile of yourself, explaining a bit more about you and why you want an apprenticeship in your chosen area. This is perfect for those of you who aren’t good at explaining yourself well in words and gives you the opportunity to show yourself off in a different and quirky way.

Once you’ve completed your profile you will feature in the Not a CV search hub where employers are added and searching daily for apprentices – there they can then send you a message through the system with any questions or offers they might have. You can also email perspective employers directly with a link to your profile that only they can view - perfect if you’re applying for a job online and want to save time filling in lengthy applications!

Why not give it a go and get creating today – your perfect apprenticeship is waiting for you.

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If you get stuck here's an example profile: http://www.notacv.com/u/jamesgibson

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